New Music Video Single from Acoustic CD

"Faith Unashamed" just hit the Top 10 on the OutVoice singles chart! This is the first single released as a music video from the new "unplugged" CD, "Songs Acoustic." Read more about the project below.

BRAND NEW CD - "Songs Acoustic"

SongsAcoustic-ShawnThomas "Songs Acoustic" is a collection of songs from CD/albums released over the past twelve years, along with some first time recordings. Often, in concerts I include a song or two with just guitar and vocal - no accompaniment track - no band. Then, sure enough, when the concert is over, someone asks for the CD with just me and guitar on it. Well, here it is! :)

All of these songs have been re-recorded from scratch. The only instruments are one acoustic guitar and my voice, along with some very basic "loops" created by tapping the body of the guitar or scraping the strings. (You'll also hear an occasional shaker in there.) The obvious exception is the last track which is piano and vocal. I hope you enjoy this stripped-down, more intimate collection of songs.

Order your hard-copy CD - OR - Download from iTunes or Amazon.

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The Power of NOT - Shawn Thomas Could it be the first step in figuring out who you are is figuring out who you are NOT?

Gospel Singer, Kenny Bishop, calls the unique concept of this book, "the science of reverse positivity."

"The Power of NOT" is now available in all digital formats including Kindle, Nook, and iBook. Print versions are available through AMAZON and Books-a-Million.

Special thanks to IMPACT MAGAZINE for publishing a free preview of the first chapter on their website. CLICK HERE to read and find out what The Power of NOT is all about.

Live Performance Footage from UCC Synod 2015

Shawn Thomas - Live - gay Christian singer CLICK to watch live footage from the 2015 United Church of Christ (UCC) General Synod Worship Service at the Cleveland Convention Center. I was honored to work with the band "Eleven Fifty-Nine" directed by Tom Scott from First Congregational UCC in Hudson, OH.