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WELCOME to the Shawn Thomas Online Website!
Glad you're here.  Take a look around, or a listen...  :)         Plus "The Shades of Gray Tour" continues here!

Here's what's going on:

 Shawn Thomas - In Between the Shades of Gray

from Grammy winning composer and producer, Ricky Kej.

The voice of Shawn Thomas shines through on “I’m Alive” and “Eye of the Beholder.” Processing [production] on “Waiting for a Sign” adds a kind of anticipation to the song, and “Rise and Rise Again” is rife with reassurance only this genre can offer. “More of You” is good listening too…soft and reflective in tone. [This is] Contemporary Christian Music that has all the accoutrements of classic Gospel genre, with a few new sounds.





Now on PANDORA & iHeart!

The entire album for "Voice of Worship" is now available on PANDORA and iHeartRadio internet radio stations.

Church Copyright Licencing with CCLI

Recently CCLI (Christian Copyright Licensing International) added the song titles below to their directory.  Pastors, music ministers and church leaders who report to CCLI or receive an audit are asked to remember to include any of these songs that you might use in your worship services or events.  More titles will be added soon.  Thank you for your support!

Currently charts and lyrics are not available yet on CCLI's "SongSelect" feature, but will be coming soon.

"Boundless" - 6569231                                        "You Are Here Lord" - 6569152
"Crucified with Christ" - 6569798                           "This is How I Worship You" - 6569200
"Faith Unashamed" - 6569138                              "The Voice of Worship" - 6569839
"Hands Up" - 6569190                                         "The Christ in You" - 6569169
"I Will Dwell in the House" - 6569808                     "Separated" - 6569860
"I Will Not Be Moved (Selah)" - 6569774                "Sanctus" - 6569176
"Joy of Generations" - 6569781                             "Living Sacrifice" - 6569846
"Lifted Up" - 6569822                                          "Gotta Do it Anyway-Hallelujah Kindda Day" - 7029572
"I'm Alive" - 7029573                                           "Mercy is Following Me" - 7029575
"More of You" - 7029574                                      "Never Gonna Steal My Joy" - 7029577
"All That Wounded Really Means" - 7029579