New Program on VOWRadio - "FiveNFive"

FiveNFive-Shawn_Thomas-VOWRadio Voice of Worship Radio - VOWRADIO provides online streaming of Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) as well as special guest interviews.

"FiveNFive" is the brand new interview program featuring special guest artists and faith community leaders who have only 5 minutes to answer 5 questions!

The first four episodes are now online and include interviews with world-renowned CCM artist, Marsha Stevens-Pino, Director of Public Relations for
The Evangelical Network (TEN), Ed Ness, Interfaith minister and gender-bending performance artist, Rev. Yolanda, and Rev. Jeff Carey and Rory Webb from the award winning "Cafe JAYA" in Atlanta. TUNE IN HERE.

New Lyric Video for Song

Check out the new Lyric Video for the Top 10 single, "Know You're Not."
The song is based on and inspired by the new book titled,
"The Power of NOT: Positive Results from Negative Affirmations."
The message of encouragement in both the book and the song are the same:
Identify who and what you are NOT in order to discover everything that you ARE.

BRAND NEW BOOK - Available Now on Amazon!
The Power of NOT - Shawn Thomas Could it be the first step in figuring out who you are is figuring out who you are NOT?

Gospel Singer, Kenny Bishop, calls the unique concept of this book, "the science of reverse positivity."

"The Power of NOT" is now available in all digital formats including Kindle, Nook, and iBook. Print versions are available through AMAZON and Books-a-Million.

Special thanks to IMPACT MAGAZINE for publishing a free preview of the first chapter on their website. CLICK HERE to read and find out what The Power of NOT is all about.

Live Performance Footage from UCC Synod 2015

Shawn Thomas - Live - gay Christian singer CLICK to watch live footage from the 2015 United Church of Christ (UCC) General Synod Worship Service at the Cleveland Convention Center. I was honored to work with the band "Eleven Fifty-Nine" directed by Tom Scott from First Congregational UCC in Hudson, OH.